Xiaomi CEO Is Currently Using These Four Smartphones

Xiaomi CEO has revealed what smartphones he’s currently using, there are four of them. Lei Jun shared this information via Weibo (a Chinese social media network), by sharing an image of all four devices.Xiaomi CEO reveals his currently-used smartphones, there are four of them

The phones in question are the Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, Redmi Note 11T Pro, and the Xiaomi Civi (shown below in that order). He did note that he often changes smartphones, but that this is his current lineup. He also noted that he uses all four of these phones actively, in a rotation, as his daily drivers.

Needless to say, all of these smartphones come from Xiaomi. One of them is Redmi-branded, but that is Xiaomi’s brand as well. He may also be testing some new, upcoming smartphone, that he was not at liberty to talk about.

The device I’m referring to is the Xiaomi 12 Ultra, which is expected to arrive in July. Xiaomi already announced that its new flagship is coming in July, and that it will be the first phone as a result of the company’s partnership with Leica.

Leica was partnered up with Huawei in the past, but now it changed teams. You’ll be seeing Leica lenses on Xiaomi smartphones, and the company will hopefully have some input on the cameras as well.Leica could provide Xiaomi a boost in the camera department

Huawei and Leica made for a great partnership, as Huawei had, and still has, some of the best cameras on a smartphone out there. Xiaomi’s flagships are really good in the camera department, but Leica could provide them with that extra bit of quality.

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Xiaomi already did a great job with the Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro, but the ‘Ultra’ is expected to be even more powerful. That is especially true for the camera department, as it will offer a different set of cameras.

The Xiaomi 12 Ultra will also be the most expensive smartphone in the lineup, of course. We still don’t know how much will it cost, but some rumors are saying that it will start at CNY5,999 ($885) in China.

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